Georgia Administrative Healthcare Lawyers

If you are a healthcare professional facing an audit, exclusion, state board or peer review hearing, it is important to proceed carefully. Consult with an experienced healthcare law attorney before responding or making any statements to investigators. Your reputation and medical license may depend upon the outcome.

At Chilivis Grubman LLP, our attorneys represent medical professionals in a broad range of legal matters, including audits and audit appeals, Administrative Law Judge hearings, exclusions revocation, state board hearings and peer reviews. Our strong focus on healthcare law has helped us build an impressive record of success representing healthcare professionals of all sizes and types throughout the country. Because of our extensive experience representing clients in administrative proceedings, civil lawsuits, government investigations and criminal law matters, we are able to defend you on all fronts.

State Board Hearings

Our attorneys represent medical professionals in administrative proceedings before Administrative Law Judges and all Georgia medical licensing boards, including:

  • Georgia Composite Medical Board
  • Georgia Board of Nursing
  • Georgia Board of Pharmacy
  • Georgia State Board of Examiners of Psychologists
  • Georgia Board of Dentistry
  • Georgia Board of Chiropractic Examiners

State board hearings may be initiated for a number of reasons, including patient complaints, criminal investigations and allegations of substance abuse. Do not face a medical board examiner without first consulting with an experienced medical board defense lawyer. Our attorneys can provide you with the guidance and advocacy you need for this critical legal matter.

Peer Review Hearings

If you face peer review proceedings, a professional review body will examine evidence to determine if you have met the accepted standard of medical care. Peer reviews can be initiated for a number of reasons, including complaints by patients, insurance companies or fellow practitioners.

Physicians and other medical professionals should seek legal counsel as soon as they become aware of potential peer review actions. Our lawyers can help you understand what to expect from the peer review process and prepare you for giving hearing testimony. We will apply our focused experience in healthcare law to help you pursue the best possible outcome.

If you are seeking experienced counsel and advocacy for an administrative healthcare law matter, our law firm is here for you. Contact us today online or by telephone at (404) 233-4171 to arrange a consultation with an experienced Georgia attorney.