Medical Board Investigations

Medical Board investigations are high-stakes, and require experienced, skilled, and often aggressive legal representation.  The attorneys at Chilivis Grubman have years of experience representing physicians, nurses and other mid-level providers, and dentists, in connection with investigations by the Medical, Nursing, and Dental Boards.  Our attorneys pride themselves on our deep understanding of healthcare and our ability to work with our clients, medical experts, and investigators to resolve such investigations with minimal disruption to our clients’ practice and reputation.

We have spent years building a reputation of aggressively and effectively representing our healthcare clients in connection with Board investigations, and are often able to utilize our relationship with Board investigators and members to resolve such matters without any adverse findings.

With all that is at stake with a Board investigation, it is important for a healthcare provider to engage legal representation prior to responding to an inquiry from the Medical Board or speaking with an investigator.  If you need assistance with such a matter, please contact us today.