Peer Review & Credentialing/Privilege Disputes

The last decade has seen a major realignment within the healthcare industry, with more and more physicians looking to large hospitals and health systems for employment opportunities.  Even physicians who are not employed by such an entity often receive privileges to round and perform other services at such facilities.

The attorneys at Chilivis Grubman have many years of experience representing physicians and non-physician practitioners such as physician assistants and nurses, in connection with peer review matters and disputes involving hospital credentialing and privileges.  We assist our clients throughout the entire process, from the inital stages of responding to letters of inquiry, to peer review hearings, to appeals and litigation involving adverse findings and Databank reports. 

Our attorneys pride themselves in having a deep knowledge of the healthcare industry in general, as well as healthcare regulations, and many of our attorneys have years of experience defending allegations of professional liability or behavioral issues.  For example, our founding partner, Scott Grubman, is the immediate past chair of the Georgia Academy of Healthcare Attorneys (GAHA), which is part of the Georgia Hospital Association (GHA).  This experience has allowed him to build mutually-respectful (if not often adverse) relationships with in-house legal departments in all of the major hospitals and health systems throughout Georgia, which often allows him to help his client reach a resolution quickly and with minimal disruption.  

If you need assistance with a peer review matter, or any other type of credentialing/privilege dispute, please contact us today.