Payor Audits & Audit Appeals

Our attorneys regularly assist healthcare providers of all types of sizes in connection with payor audits and audit appeals, including those involving government payors such as Medicare and Medicaid, as well as commercial payors.  This includes assisting providers in responding to requests for medical records, as well as appealing unfavorable findings through the administrative appeal process.

We have assisted clients with all types of payor audits, including those involving pre- and post-payment review, overpayment disputes, exclusion and revocation, HIPAA compliance, EHR meaningful use, and various other issues. We have successfully handled audits from the contractor stage all the way through the appeals process.  We pride ourselves in our deep understanding of healthcare regulations and billing/coding issues, which enables us to be a true partner to our healthcare clients, allowing them to focus on treating their patients.

If you need assistance in a payor audit or related matter, please contact us today.