Government Affairs

Our government affairs attorneys — all of whom have direct experience working in government — focus primarily on assisting clients where their business interests intersect with the law and politics at the state and local level.  This work ranges from assisting clients with land use and zoning matters, alcohol licensing and permitting, state and local regulatory compliance, Georgia Lottery Corporation laws and regulations regarding coin-operated amusement machines (“COAM”), public-private partnerships, and advising other clients who seek to or are currently conducting business with the government.  We commonly assist and advise clients as they compete for government contracts, challenge intended contract awards, or with issues that arise during the performance of their contracts.  We also regularly assist clients by drafting local laws and ordinances to address certain areas of interest to those clients. 

Our attorneys leverage their extensive networks, both inside and outside of government agencies, to promote and advocate for our clients’ needs.  As the business market and industries become even more regulated, our team relies upon its understanding of and familiarity with the inner-workings of state and local governments to shape policy and advocate for our clients’ needs.

We also represent local governments in various capacities, including serving as City Attorney for one of the largest municipalities in Georgia.  This experience further informs and shapes our approach as we advise clients on how best to solve their specific problem and accomplish their objectives.

Our work in this area includes, but is not limited to:

  • Rezoning matters, zoning modifications, variances and/or requests for special exceptions
  • Stream buffer variance requests
  • Alcohol license applications and renewals
  • Code enforcement and compliance matters
  • Permitting needs and issues
  • Legislative amendments to local ordinances
  • State and local government procurement matters
  • Representation before municipal courts regarding local ordinance violations
  • Administrative litigation and appeals
  • Outside counsel to local governments

If you need assistance with such a matter, please contact us today.