Land Use & Zoning

We collaborate closely with our clients to navigate and resolve zoning and land use challenges concerning both commercial and residential properties. Our representation extends to a diverse clientele including property owners, developers, businesses, local governments, schools, neighborhood associations, and other stakeholders impacted by land use laws and regulations. We possess a deep understanding of legislative dynamics at the state and local levels, enabling us to effectively address and quantify changes in the law. Our expertise encompasses key issues within both public and private sectors. Moreover, we adeptly navigate the political landscape that may influence zoning and land use decisions, empowering our clients to make informed choices for their properties and rapidly growing businesses.

Our services encompass:

  • Assisting with applications for rezoning
  • Facilitating the acquisition of building and special use permits
  • Securing land use approvals and entitlements, which include administrative exceptions, variances, subdivision, and plat approvals
  • Counseling local government officials on public interest concerns
  • Drafting and implementing updates and modifications to existing zoning codes
  • Defending legislative changes and other challenges to local government decisions in administrative hearings and court
  • Representing clients before administrative hearing boards and courts of law across Georgia concerning matters that seek to limit the utilization of land.
  • Handling litigation related to zoning and land use challenges, encompassing areas such as the law of takings, preemption, due process, and other constitutional law challenges

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