If you are being charged with any kind of crime, you will want a seasoned attorney to defend you; however, if you are facing the possibility of your case going before a grand jury, an experienced lawyer is that much more important. If your case has the potential to require input from a grand jury, this is evidence of the seriousness of your situation because it means the crime in question is a serious felony.

What is a Grand Jury?

The grand jury is important within the criminal process, but is not about finding guilt or punishing a party. Instead, the prosecuting attorney works with a grand jury to determine whether to bring criminal charges or an indictment against a potential defendant. Typically this process only addresses serious felonies. Whereas court trial juries usually have 6 or 12 people, a grand jury might have 16 to 23 people. Similar to a preliminary hearing, the grand jury is used to decide whether or not enough evidence exists to indict a suspect in a criminal case.

Grand Juries are more adversarial

Grand juries are typically seen as more adversarial than preliminary court hearings. Grand juries are not open to the public like preliminary hearings are, and only involve the prosecuting attorney. Although any evidence or testimonies must meet strict guidelines, a grand jury has extensive control to hear and see anything they wish to.

Top 3 Reasons to Hire an Experienced Attorney

If your case is going to go before a grand jury, you will want an experienced attorney. Here’s why:

  1. Serious crimes mean serious consequences. If the grand jury decides to indict you, you are facing serious consequences for a serious crime.
  2. A trial means the need for a trial attorney. Not all attorneys are experienced in courtroom trials. Much of law is accomplished outside the courtroom. Only the most experienced attorneys know how to build a case for the purpose of going to trial. If the grand jury decides to indict, the trial will happen much more quickly and you need a seasoned lawyer who will be prepared to represent you.
  3. Grand jury means federal court. Grand juries deal with federal, rather than state law. Hire an experienced attorney who understand the difference between state and federal law and knows how to defend you.

Atlanta Grand Jury Investigation Lawyers

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