Most nurses think about the Board of Nursing when they are trying to pass their initial test, or need to renew their license. For most nurses, this will be their only contact with the Board of Nursing; however, the Board is involved with more than just licensing nurses. The Board of Nursing has the ability to revoke a license or force a nurse to surrender their license if it deems a nurse has been negligent.

It’s important to understand the Board of Nursing is a people’s advocate, not a nurse’s advocate. The Board has been charged by the state to regulate nursing practices, including: licensing, monitoring nursing competency, investigating complaints, and imposing discipline for violations of nursing practices. Boards are entrusted to protect the public, and should not be taken lightly.

According to a recent article practice areas that cause the most problems for nurses are as follows:

  • Documentation
  • Documenting timely and adequately
  • Failing to Assess
  • Correct Intervention
  • Bypassing Checks and Balances
  • Study Your Facility’s Do’s and Don’ts

They go on to say, “Nurses need protection and guidance during any adverse interaction with the Board, which is why they should hire an experienced attorney to protect their interests. Based on personal experience as an attorney for a regulatory board and as a defense attorney for nurses, I have found that nurses who are represented by an attorney have a greater chance of obtaining a better outcome from a Board matter than those that are unrepresented. Nurses not only have to hire a lawyer, they need to hire the right lawyer.”

If you are a healthcare professional facing a state board or peer review hearing, it is important to proceed carefully. Consult with an experienced healthcare law attorney before making any statements to investigators. Your reputation and medical license may depend upon the outcome.

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