The obligatory rules set in place to oversee the ethics and professionalism of Georgia attorneys is ruled by the State Bar of Georgia. The last thing an attorney wants to acknowledge is the risk of being brought before the Bar and questioned on how a specific case was handled. Complaints by clients can have a devastating effect on future business and the aftermath of dealing with a possible unethical or lack of professionalism is far-reaching.

State Bar of Georgia

The State Bar of Georgia has a strong stance on ethics and professionalism as outlined in this overview: “Georgia lawyers are bound by strict rules of ethics in all of their professional dealings. The Georgia Rules of Professional Conduct help define a lawyer’s obligations to clients, to the judicial system, and to the public. Although the Supreme Court of Georgia retains ultimate authority to regulate the legal profession, the State Bar of Georgia’s Office of the General Counsel serves as the Court’s arm to investigate and prosecute claims that a lawyer has violated the ethics rules.”

Hiring Counsel

Perhaps one of the first responses when handling a personal complaint, is to have significant frustration at the circumstances. Take a breath and realize that while it may come across as a personal attack, it is important to respond calmly. The most important way to do that is to have a neutral party part of the conversation. You can present your information, standards, process and outcome of the case to your own legal team focussed on you and allow their perspective and representation be the face of calm response.

Evaluate Your Priorities

Reacting vehemently to a displeased client can impact your unbiased perspective on how the proceedings should happen. Do you want to acknowledge the value placed in having a peer experienced in investigative law represent you or do you want to take the cheap and easy way out and work with someone with no experience in presenting before the State Bar of Georgia? You should prioritize finding an investigation lawyer for the sake of your practice.

Ask an Accomplished Georgia Lawyer

There is much validity to not representing yourself before the State Bar of Georgia. Judgment could be clouded and you may not achieve the outcome you are hoping for. Work with an experienced investigation lawyer and increase the likelihood of coming out of your unique situation unscathed. Contact Chilivis, Grubman, Dalbey & Warner today.