Atlanta Contracts Lawyers

Whether you are being sued for breach of contract, or another party has failed to fulfill its contractual obligations to you, it is important to consult with an attorney who is experienced in contract disputes. With skilled legal guidance, it is often possible to resolve a contract dispute before it becomes a costly setback.

At Chilivis Grubman LLP, our law firm is equipped to handle complex contract disputes in state and federal courts.

To speak to a dedicated contract lawyer about your current dispute, call the attorneys at Chilivis Grubman at (404) 233-4171 or contact them online. 

Skilled Attorneys Handling Contract Disputes in Georgia

We provide experienced guidance and strong advocacy to plaintiffs and defendants engaged in contract disputes. The scope of our practice includes disputes over:

  • Purchase and sale contracts
  • Employment contracts
  • Licensing contracts
  • Warranties
  • Intellectual property contracts
  • Contracts governed by the Uniform Commercial Code
  • Real estate contracts
  • Construction contracts
  • Vendor and supplier contracts

We pursue cost-effective results through negotiation and settlement when it is favorable for our clients. However, we are always prepared to try contract disputes in court. If you are a plaintiff in a contract dispute, we will pursue damages or specific performance. If you are defending against a contract dispute, we will work to limit or deny damages to the greatest extent possible.

Atlanta Breach of Contract Lawyers

If you are engaged in a breach of contract dispute, our lawyers are here to protect your rights and interests. Contact us today online or by telephone at (404) 233-4171 to arrange a consultation with an experienced attorney.