False Claims Act Defense

The United States and the State of Georgia each have a law known as a “False Claims Act.” These laws allow suits against parties who allegedly defraud the government, and provide that the government may recover treble damages, plus fines and penalties. False Claims Act lawsuits often allege that a defendant engaged in conduct that could be considered to be illegal, and also could subject a defendant to a host of collateral consequences, such as loss of a professional license or being barred from doing business with the government.

In addition, each False Claims Act has a “qui tam” provision which allows private citizens to file lawsuits on behalf of the government, against parties who defraud the government. These private citizens are informally called “whistleblowers.”

While any person or entity that contracts with or gets money from the government is a potential False Claims Act defendant, no industry sees more False Claims Act lawsuits than the healthcare industry. Given the extraordinary incentives for whistleblowers to file False Claims Act lawsuits, these suits are becoming a cost of doing business for the medical profession.

At Chilivis Grubman LLP, our lawyers have decades of experience representing individuals and businesses in healthcare and other industries in connection with federal and state False Claims Act lawsuits. We have successfully defended many FCA lawsuits, including securing government declinations and early dismissals. 

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