Federal Sentencing Issues In Georgia

Federal sentencing guidelines require strict sentences, and federal judges have far less latitude in imposing sentences than judges in state courts. The federal sentencing guidelines weigh a number of factors in calculating sentences, primarily the level of the crime and the defendant’s criminal history.

There are some situations in which deviations from federal sentencing guidelines are possible. For instance, the defense may argue that the defendant was under duress or suffering from diminished mental capacity at the time he or she committed the crime. Also, if the defendant provided substantial assistance in the criminal investigation, it may warrant a reduced sentence.

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Trial-Tested Federal Crime Defense Lawyers

At Chilivis Grubman LLP, our defense attorneys explore every legal strategy for reducing federal sentences. We draft detailed sentencing memoranda that highlight such factors as our client’s background and likelihood of committing another crime. Depending on the circumstances, we may also submit letters from people attesting to our client’s character and other evidence that may affect sentencing.

The federal criminal justice system is vastly different from the state court system. If you face federal criminal charges, such as white collar crime charges, it is critical that you hire a defense lawyer who is knowledgeable in federal sentencing issues and other rules and procedures of federal court.

Our attorneys have extensive experience practicing in federal criminal courts throughout Georgia and can provide you with the strong advocacy you need for this serious legal matter.

Atlanta Federal Criminal Defense Attorneys

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