In 2012, a bank manager in Marietta, Georgia was arrested for fraud and forgery for using information in the Chase Bank’s branch to cash thousands of dollars’ worth of US Treasury checks. Fraud can be described as using methods such as deception, dishonesty, lies and falsehood to gain some type of benefit. On a state and federal level, most fraud and forgery cases can be criminally pursued. Obviously, your boss is committing forgery, and is taking advantage of his or her position in the bank to profit themselves.

Civil and Criminal

There are both civil and criminal types of fraud. Banks tend to have some type of small print protecting manager’s access to the bank’s issued checks and deposit slips. So, it may only be a case of civil wrongdoing and not punishable by jail time or fraud. However, criminal fraud can indeed lead to jail time and the need for compensation to be reimbursed to the victim as a result of the fraud.

State and Federal Laws

In an effort to protect bank customers, both the federal government and states have laws that criminalize various types of frauds. The circumstances of the case will dictate whether it is a state crime, federal crime or if the wrongdoer is guilty of both. It will be important to have all the details of the case and to contact an attorney well-versed in these types of white collar crimes to bring about justice for the victims.

Business Lawyer

You may contact the local police department, your state’s district attorney, and the manager’s supervisor to let them know what is going on with your manager. It is very wise to have spoken with an attorney on the best way to pursue a case like this. Your manager will have his or her assets researched, and internal investigations into numerous accounts will also be done to see how far this has gone and for how long.

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