On February 21, 2022, the Department of Justice (DOJ) announced Muhammad Ateeq of Rawalpindi, Pakistani was sentenced in the Northern District of Illinois for a health care fraud scheme and money laundering conspiracy.

According to court documents, Ateeq worked in the Islamabad office of Home Health Care Consulting, an entity that controlled Medicare billing and maintenance of electronic medical records for health agencies in the United States. Ateeq is said to have used several fake identities to acquire and manage the home health agencies. Once the agencies were under Ateeq’s control, employees of the agencies submitted fraudulent claims to Medicare for home health services at Ateeq’s direction. 

According to the DOJ, “Ateeq directed his U.S. employees to deposit checks of fraud proceeds into U.S. bank accounts designated by overseas customers of overseas money transmitting businesses.” The businesses then issued cash payments and bank deposits to Ateeq. Allegedly, Ateeq also directed his U.S. employees to use some of the proceeds to purchase expensive luxury items in the United States to send to his associates in Dubai.

According to court documents, Medicare disbursed $40 million in payments for services that were never rendered, which Ateeq was ordered to pay back in restitution.  Ateeq was sentenced to 12 years in prison. 

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