Wesley Blake Barber, a former patient recruiter, was just sentenced for his role in a transvaginal mesh (“TVM”) fraud scheme that involved payments of bribes and kickbacks. In September 2021, Barber pleaded guilty for his role in the scheme, and he faced up to 5 years in prison. On May 9, 2022, Barber avoided jail time but was sentenced to probation, ordered to forfeit $1.1 million, pay $200,000 to his victims, and perform 400 hours of community service.

According to his indictment, Barber took advantage of unknowing female patients with TVM implants to profit from a global settlement with transvaginal mesh makers after the implants were linked to various medical complications. Specifically, Barber took kickback and bribes in exchange for referring female patients with TVM implants to surgeons around the United States. As part of the scheme, women were convinced that the removal of their TVM implants was medically necessary when, in fact, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration warned about the complications of removal. Barber induced female patients to undergo these medically unnecessary procedures because he knew transvaginal mesh makers would pay more for patients who had removal surgeries.

There were several unnamed co-conspirators who also sought to profit from the 2013 global settlement between transvaginal mesh makers and patients. Christopher Walker, a Florida urogynecologist who was charged with paying Barber kickbacks, also avoided jail-time for his role in the scheme. Walker pleaded guilty in September 2021 and was later ordered to pay $866,000 for his role.

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