In 1996, Darrell Lee Clark and Cain Joshua Storey were accused of murder in the shooting death of their friend 15-year-old Brian Bowling.  Despite evidence that Bowling had unintentionally shot himself, Storey was charged with murder and Clark was alleged to be a co-conspirator.  They each spent 25 years behind bars as a result.

On December 8, 2022, Clark and Storey were released after Rome Judicial Circuit District Attorney’s Office and Floyd County Superior Court Judge John Neidrach agreed the murder conviction should be overturned in light of new evidence.  The evidence leading to Storey and Clark’s exoneration was uncovered as part of a podcast and investigation undertaken by Susan Simpson and Jacinda Davis.

Some of the evidence Simpson and Davis uncovered was that police had threatened a key witness, telling the witness they would take her children from her if she refused to testify against Storey and Clark.  With the new evidence, the Georgia Innocence Project was able to secure Storey’s and Clark’s freedom.  

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