On December 12, the Department of Justice (DOJ) announced Jonas Purisch, of Baltimore, Maryland, was sentenced to three years in prison for not paying over more than $2 million in payroll taxes to the IRS on behalf of his companies’ employees.

Purisch purportedly operated two employee staffing companies, Titan Staffing Network, Inc and Titan Services, LLC. According to the DOJ, “both companies provided workers for third-party manufacturing businesses in Maryland.” As the owner and operator of the two companies, Purisch was required to withhold and pay over employment taxes to the IRS on behalf of their employees. Over a span of three years, Purisch withheld but did not pay more than $2 million in such taxes to the IRS.

This is not Purisch’ s first tax-related conviction and prison sentence. In April 2013, Purisch was convicted of filing a false individual income tax return and for willful failure to file a tax return, and was sentenced to three months in prison for those offenses.

In addition to the three-year term of imprisonment, Purisch will serve another three years of supervised release and must pay approximately $3.4 million in restitution to the United States.

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