Florida attorney Michael L. Meyer has been charged with over 30 counts in connection with a false charitable contribution tax deductions scheme. The DOJ announced that a Fort Lauderdale grand jury returned a 34-count indictment, including conspiracy to defraud the United States and mail and wire fraud conspiracy.

According to the indictment, Meyer and his co-conspirators marketed and sold high-income individuals a tax shelter called the Ultimate Tax Plan. Meyer began selling this allegedly illegal tax shelter in 2013, which allowed his clients to claim charitable contribution tax deductions while maintaining control over their allegedly donated assets. It is alleged that Meyer controlled the charities that received his clients’ donations, and he advised his clients how to access their donated assets through tax-free loans. According to the indictment, Meyer also prepared transaction documents and appraisals of the fraudulent donations. It is estimated that Meyer and his co-conspirators earned more than $10 million from selling the foregoing scheme. In turn, they used these funds to purchase, amongst other things, Rolls Royces and a multi-million-dollar estate. 

The United States filed a Complaint for Permanent Injunction in April 2018 to enjoin Meyer from continuing to promote the Ultimate Tax Plan. Meyer and his co-conspirators allegedly prepared fraudulent backdated documents and directed clients to submit the foregoing to the government in response to civil subpoenas related to the Ultimate Tax Plan. However, a permanent injunction was entered against Meyer in 2019.  Meyer now faces more than twenty years in prison.

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