Several states, including Georgia, have passed laws regarding COVID-19 civil liability in the wake of the public health pandemic that dominated 2020 and continues to rage.  Florida has come to the fold, with the introduction of House Bill 7 (HB7) on January 6, 2021.  

HB7 would create Florida Statute § 768.38, establishing a civil cause of action for COVID-19 related liability.  The bill creates liability protections for businesses, educational institutions, government entities, religious organizations, and other entities, such that a covered entity that makes a “good faith effort to substantially comply” with applicable COVID-19 guidance would be immune from civil liability for a COVID-19-related civil action.  Healthcare providers are not covered entities and are not afforded COVID-19 liability protection under the bill.

The bill sets forth the following standards for a COVID-19-related civil action against a covered entity:

  • The plaintiff must plead his or her complaint with particularity.
  • At the time of filing suit, the plaintiff must submit a physician’s affidavit confirming the physician’s belief that the plaintiff’s COVID-19 related injury occurred because of the defendant’s acts or omissions.
  • The court will determine whether the defendant made the requisite “good faith effort to substantially comply” with applicable COVID-19 guidance.  
  • If the court determines the defendant made a good faith effort, the defendant is immune from civil liability.
  • If the court determines that the defendant did not make a good faith effort, the case may proceed to a jury.
  • The plaintiff must prove, by clear and convincing evidence, that the defendant acted with at least gross negligence.  
  • The bill affords a one-year statute of limitations.
  • If passed, the law would apply retroactively.

Other states, like Tennessee, have established similar legislation including standards for COVID-19 lawsuits.  It will be interesting to see if HB 7, and its sister bill in the Florida Senate, become law.  

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